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DELEGUS hereby grants permission to visitors to visit and view this DELEGUS website with a web browser provided that you do not:

DELEGUS makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on the website is accurate and true at the time of publishing it on the website.

DELEGUS does not guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the information.

DELEGUS holds exclusive right to upload any information on the website and to edit it as DELEGUS deems proper.

At no point of time shall DELEGUS be held responsible for any inaccuracy that might appear on the website.

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Under no circumstances shall DELEGUS be held responsible in case there is some damage to the visitor’s equipment, system, data or any other information while accessing the website.

Refunds & Cancellation

Cancellation of any transaction shall be governed by the contract governing that transaction.

Any Fee paid to DELEGUS shall be non-refundable unless DELEGUS has agreed in writing to refund the money, or any part of it, in writing before payment has been accepted by DELEGUS.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions of use shall be entirely governed by applicable laws of India. In case any dispute arises out of the use of this website, the same shall be resolved by Courts of New Delhi, India having Jurisdiction over the said dispute.